Bailey's Arboretum
“This is our fourth year at  Bailey's Arboretum.  In the cold months, we paint in a beautiful studio with the view of the pond and the grounds. In the warm months, we roam the 45 acres and find thousands of perfect landscape images to  paint.  Our 2 day workshop will be chock full of instruction, demos, and lessons on techniques.  There will be a critique at the end of each day.
FOR THE BEGINNER: This is an intensive 2 days. I will give you every thing you will need to know to continue your journey as an artist. As long as you know the correct supplies that you will need, how to see a great potential subject and how to start and finish a painting, you are well on your way.
FOR THE INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Over the last 24 years as a painter, I have selected 20 important elements that go into a painting. If something is wrong with your artwork, it is because your design is not right,  the value is not working, or you have created mud in your colors. I will review all 20 points that go into a painting and my goal is to make you aware of what is wrong and how to fix it.
A Winter scene of the old stables where our painting studio is located. Two large barn doors are our windows to the property.
Some scenes of the beautiful 45 acres that we paint at Bailey's Arboretum

for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists.
Below: some of my paintings