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for Beginners Intermediate and advanced artists.
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April 3, 2010    Saturday       " Photographing the Dunes"  
Build up a portfolio of wonderful pictures that you will turn into beach and Dune paintings. Learn about Design, lighting, focus,  drama and mood. Capture the clouds and the subtle color changes and calligraphy of the shadows.

We will meet there with our camera and Lunch.  Details to be discussed.
You will be at the best Dunes beach on Long Island.
COST: $ 40.00         start at 9:30   we will have lunch and continure until 2:30

April:     16 Friday and 17 Saturday   at Bailey's Arboretum
              BEGINNER   We will cover all the elements covered on the Workshop page. An intensive 2 days. If you want to be an oil painter, you will start off will everything you need to know to continue your journey as an artist.

May:       14 Friday and 15 Saturday
               INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED   We will start at Baileys Arboretum  in Locust Valley and wind up at Planting Fields. Every painter can bring his or her painting "UP"  a notch. There are 20 elements of creating a successful painting that I have organized that will get you as an artist to see what needs to be improved to bring your paintings to a more professional level.
COST: $175 for the 2 days.
    Call for additional information

June:    26  Saturday   " Photographing Planting Fields"
Build up a portfolio of photographs for painting ideas. We will concentrate on design, focus
depth, atmosphere, calligraphy and close-ups. Our goal is to design your photos so that you can use them without any major changes when you use them for your painting ideas.
COST: $ 40.00 for the workshop.
We will meet at Planting fields at 9:30 and end                                                                                       approximately 2:30
                                                                          There is a great cafe where we can have lunch.

NOTE: When we talk, we will discuss supplies and anything else that you will need for the one or 2 day workshops.

June:      to be scheduled
July:        to be scheduled                           more one day and 2 day workshops
August:  to be scheduled
We start at 9:30am to 4:30 pm with a break for lunch
COST: $175 for the 2 days. Call for  additional information.
                                                                                We start at 9:30am to 4:30 pm with a break for lunch

Howard Rose
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