Photography for painting ideas
Photography for potential paintings
Working with photographs is a key to creating great design for your paintings. If you spend enough time finding the best shot, and designing that shot in your camera, you can use that work to create great painings.  All of the information is there in your photo. The design, the light and values, the atmosphere and depth, calligraphy, colors, values and the focus.
There are some very specific ways to approach a photo for a potential painting. You are not only shooting pretty scenes. You are seeing the scene as a painter. You are creating the most important element of a painting in your camera... the design.
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1. Horizontal or Vertical?
2. Where to place the Horizon.
3. How do I capture the atmosphere and depth?
4. What time of day to shoot?
5. Getting up close for reference.
6. Taking many shots of the scene - In different positions.
7. How close or How far?
8. Looking at the angles.
9. Stepping to the right or left for a better view
10. Back lit or front lighting.
11. Finding our how photographs do lie and how to overcome those elements
12. Looking into the shadows for color.
13. Deciding where is the focus.
14. How do I pick a great subject?
15. Look for the variety of shapes.
16. Can I capture a mood?
17. Keeping it simple.
18. Looking for interesting backgrounds for my scene.
19. Bracketing.
20. Plus... many more ideas to create great potential painting.